Community Relations

Since the firm’s start, John and Ed have focused Vantage Builders on: client satisfaction; employee engagement and development; and being a good corporate citizen through community involvement. These three tiers have provided the foundation upon which the firm’s culture, identity, and success have been built. Vantage has assisted dozens of local, regional and national organizations over the years, whether its donating to a charity, sponsoring an event or supporting a client’s or employee’s participation in a fundraising drive. Vantage also believes in encouraging its team members to be good community citizens, by giving of their time.  


Thompson Island Outward Bound Education Center
Thompson Island Outward BoundGiven the high importance we place on teamwork, we feel that the best results come when we can combine team building with giving back to our community. For the past 10 years, Vantage has sent a team of runners to participate in the Thompson Island Trail Run, which benefits the Thompson Island Outward Bound Education Center. It’s a great event that we make a bit more fun with a bit of intra-firm competition. 

The Thompson Island Outward Bound program plays a crucial role in helping to close the achievement and opportunity gaps facing Boston middle schoolers. Each year thousands of students board the Thompson Island Outward Bound ferry to go to the island to learn to persevere and work as a team on the climbing and challenge courses and build STEM skills through fieldwork in the Island’s ecosystems. The students discover who they are and all they can become on an island classroom that spans 204 acres of salt marshes, woods, campsites, labs, dormitories and dozens of challenge structures. The program helps students realize their full potential. 

Vantage deepened its relationship with the program by participating in volunteer days on the island. We close the office and our group of volunteers take the ferry to participate in a day of fieldwork to get the Island ready for an incoming class of students. We help with trail building and maintenance, general landscaping, event set up, and cleanup. We also receive a tour of the island to learn more about Thompson Island Outward Bound’s history and programing.

Reaching Out Locally and Beyond
In addition to Vantage Builders’ strong partnership with Thompson Island, we also support many additional charitable organizations. We encourage you to visit their websites and learn more about the tremendous work that they do.


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